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商品尺寸: 45.5 x 19.8 x 43.8 cm
商品重量: 14 g
发货重量: 14 Kg

The Vibox Standard really is the perfect Desktop PC for anyone looking for a low-cost AMD Home/Office PC for everyday family or business use but with enhanced graphics perfect for multimedia use.Whether you're producing spreadsheets in the office, browsing the web at home, streaming media, playing games or all these COMBINED, This PC with the latest Quad-Core, AMD A8 APU processor technology inside, will cleverly multi task your running applications to make sure that more of them respond instantly when you need them to, giving your user experience a seamless, flowing feel to it. Plus, for all you speed addicts, if the standard 3.1GHz clock speed wasn't quite enough for you, this smart processor even has a turbo core speed of an incredible 3.8GHz, making it one of the fastest processors on the market capable of matching Intel's i5 processor range.Alongside that we have combined a top brand USB2.0 motherboard with a powerful Radeon graphics chip which is integrated into the processor to save on space and power. It will give the system a massive boost in graphics performance so you can experience superb HD quality on your games on high settings and when viewing any media.Complete with the industry's ONLY LIFETIME WARRANTY (see full terms), you can see how much confidence we have in our product's quality and reliability! This PC also includes a GBP27 WarThunder game voucher containing an EXCLUSIVE Vibox item pack, the Windows 10 operating system, specialist gaming case, DVD Re-Writer, 8GB of High Quality DDR3 RAM and a large 2TB hard drive for all your files, this PC really has EVERYTHING you need. Coupled with the rock bottom prices and expert technical support we offer, you are also getting the peace of mind and security that comes with buying your PC from one of the largest PC retailers in the UK, so ask yourself this, ''why go anywhere else?''