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6pcs 18g Surgical Steel conch labret lip stud spider tragus monroe cones cartilage earring snake bites helix balls BBGK

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ASIN: B076492BP9

QUALITY STEEL Our lip studs are made of implant grade 316L Surgical Steel. This type of steel is CORROSION RESISTANCE, BIO-COMPATIBLE, LONG USE, EASY TO CLEAN. FLAT BACK Perfect for multiple piercings. The labret rings flat back don't get caught and stab your head, you can sleep in as earrings. SIMPLE SCREW ON Our simplest plain style labret piercing rings cone spikes are easy to screw on, so they don't randomly fall out! MULTI POSITION You can use these lip ring studs for Cartilage, Labret, Tragus, Snake Bites, Monroe, Lobe and more. However, please check your piercing size. WHAT'S INCLUDED 6 pieces of 18g (1mm) Surgical Steel spiral labret jewelry with 3mm Ball and Cones. 2 piece of 18g (1mm) 1/4 inch (6mm) Surgical Steel lip studs with 3mm Ball and Cones. 2 piece of 18g (1mm) 5/16 inch (8mm) Surgical Steel monroe piercing with 3mm Ball and Cones. 2 piece of 18g (1mm) 3/8 inch (10mm) Surgical Steel lip piercing studs with 3mm Ball and Cones. The item will be shipped in the jewelry box or satin pouch.