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ION snapcam 可穿戴高清摄像机带 Wi-Fi 和蓝牙

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商品尺寸: 4 x 1 x 4 cm
商品重量: 31.8 g
发货重量: 259 g
型号: Snapcam
电池 1 锂离子电池 电池(附带)
亚马逊热销商品排名: 摄影摄像商品里排第15,468名

The iON SnapCam is the ultimate wearable HD camera. At just 4cm squared and weighing just 28g its light weight and discreet so can be worn on clothes or attach to bags. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are included for instant upload to social media platforms using the iON App and a smart device. The iON SnapCam can take 5,000 8 megapixel photos on a single charge. 0.5 seconds boot up time so no missing the shot whilst you wait for the camera to start up. 2 hours on continuous HD video recoding (720p/30fps). Available in 3 colours (Titanium, White and Silver), Each colour includes different colour Bumperz so there's sure to be one to suit everyone.